Online Strategy

Do you need a hand translating your company vision, and commercial strategy into a reality online?  Are you starting from scratch with an online strategy or business and need assistance?   In recent times, the online channel has moved from being an adjunct to business, to the central theme.   Getting the right advice upfront can save you a lot of time, heartache and money!

Salsa Digital have a track record for helping business large and small build a successful online marketing approach, by utilising our full service digital capabilities, and unique approach.   Whether its assistance with paid or organic search engine marketing, or preparing to sell online, or building a Social Media customer engagement strategy, we can assist. 

When embarking on this journey, you'll have questions - lots of questions, and unfortunately, there is no "one size fits all" answer to these (just what you wanted to hear, right?).  Really though, the strategy behind any successful online presence depends heavily on the actual business, its owners, their goals, and their clients. It differs from business to business. 

What we can help you do, is to evaluate important options and issues, make sensible, well informed decisions with input based on our experience, and that of our hundreds of clients.  We'll then help you translate your plan, into tactical execution which we can support and mentor you or your marketing staff to execute, or in many cases, we can provide partial or complete fulfilment and delivery of this plan.