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Design Thinking

Welcome to our series of blogs on Design Thinking. 

Salsa Digital 4 July 2017

Each of these short blogs will give you an insight into an element of Design Thinking and how it adds value to your digital projects. To demonstrate this value, we’ve included case studies from both the government and private sectors.

Below is our list of blogs in the series.

Issue  Title Summary

Brand Design

11 Jul 17

Brand identity encompasses the physical elements of a brand (brand name, logo, etc.) and the less tangible (e.g. emotion and brand promise).


A better solution through Co-creation

20 Jun 17

Co-creation is an integral part of creating a user-focused experience, because it brings together different perspectives from the start of a project. 


Service Design

05 Jun 17

Service Design will help you create new services and improve existing ones by focusing on customer needs in conjunction with your own capabilities (including the technology).


Value Proposition Design

21 Mar 17

Value Proposition Design allows you to map products and services against customer gains and pains to create new value propositions or improve existing ones.


Profiling your customer with Empathy Maps

07 Mar 17

Another great visual tool, Empathy Maps help you get in touch with your customers/users, focusing on what they see, hear, think/feel and say/do. Empathy Maps help you create the best possible digital experience, tailored to your audience. 


Getting to know your audience

21 Feb 17

User Research is an essential element of the design process, drawing on users’ backgrounds and behaviours to create the most user-centric design possible.


A bird's eye view with Business Model Canvasses

07 Feb 17

A Business Model Canvas provides a fantastic ‘at-a-glance’ overview of your business/organisation, capturing important information succinctly.


Reaping the rewards of Design Thinking

23 Jan 17

While Design Thinking has been around for about 20 years, its sudden gain in traction makes it feel like the new kid on the block. Here’s why it’s something you should consider.

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